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Elite rentals offer a premium experience of providing top-class luxury rental options for living and moving. In short, if you are in the city of miami, you will find high end options for renting luxury houses (a mansion to be exact) as well as elite vehicle (cars and yachts), all relevant to competitive market demands with excellent designs, interior, quality, safety, services, features and others like none else.

We do not only trade-off but giving our customers an unforgettable encounter is our goal, and this is why all our enterprise living areas and vehicles are of premium quality that set a benchmark for excellence.

Being in this field since 10 year, we are fully experienced in knowing and catering to the demands of customers who have an exceptional elite taste. Professional, luxury, hassle-free, advanced, and exclusive are the terms that define us and make us an industry leader today.

Our mission incorporates a spirit in us to channelize the time, that you have taken out to enjoy our services, to be the most memorable you ever have. Our vision enables us to focus on providing a wholesome experience to our customers that they carry in their healthy memories forever. With us, you feel like a VVIP!



What started as an observation and desire some years ago has led to a fully functional exotic car rental business serving vacationers and visitors to South Florida. We saw the need for a dependable and efficient rental company that could satisfy the zeal of even the most eager clientele and we made things happen.
We were certain of two things. First, Miami is a tropical paradise that boasts some of the finest scenes in the world and most dreamy destinations. Second, a treasured paradise such as this is deserving of only the most luxurious amenities, including your car.
We want our customers to feel the thrill of luxury that is typically enjoyed by the rich and famous. This is your superstar moment and for the day, week or extended stay, you are a part of an exclusive club of luxury car drivers.
Because of this, we have made our business operations seamless and convenient. There is no need to worry about picking up your luxury ride, we will bring it to you.



At Elite Car Rentals, we stand by the quality and exclusivity of all our vehicles. Our team of dedicated staffers are avid vehicle lovers and are passionate about the brands we represent. That’s why you can fully expect a luxurious experience when you rent from us.

Our prices are unbeatable and tailored to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. When you rent with us, you’re taking your Miami experience to newer and greater heights.

Our vehicles are available for rent for a wide range of intents and purposes. Let’s say you’re on your dream vacation that has taken months of planning and designing. If you can see yourself cruising down Sunset Beach with your partner or family from behind the wheels of your dream car, then you’ve come to the right place. Or, let’s say you’ve been invited on a business trip and you’re looking to close some major deals and looking fashionable as you do, nothing says luxury and quality like pulling up in an exotic car from us!


We know the luxury car rental experience in South Florida can sometimes be confusing. At Elite Car Rentals, we pay very keen attention to all the details of our business so we can give you simply great value at a fully competitive cost! Trust the name many celebrities and VIPs are familiar with and explore our famous, beautiful city in luxury, quality, style and taste.


Who we are:

We are the most recognized name in the luxury car rental business in Miami. We are ready to meet the needs of any customer, no matter what your preferences are.

What we do:

We carry a wide range of exotic cars for renters to choose from. If you do not see what you are looking for in our roster, we are more than ready to get it for you.

Why choose us:

We deliver value for money and our terms of services are flexible and easy to understand. We give you convenience and dependability all under one roof.

What’s more:

We’re up front about the way we do business so you can expect no hidden fees or charges with your Elite Car Rentals luxury car.

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